Kano Laboratory (Shizuoka University)

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Natural Language Processing is the research theme of our laboratory. Please refer to the Prof. Kano's personal page for details about our research theme, grants, projects and publications, etc. Japanese version of our lab page has more information. We launched our lab in 2014.


  • Yoshinobu Kano
  • M2 Students
    • Kazuhiro Atsumi
    • Naoki Kiyota
    • Akiho Takinami
    • Shu Suzuki
    • Naoki Nakamura
  • M1 Students
    • Issei Tsunoda
    • Ayaka Ueyama
    • Toshiki Muromachi
  • B4 Students
    • Ryo Takasu
    • Hiroshige Aoki
    • Nanami Ozawa
    • Asami Ogawa
    • Masaki Fujita

Research Themes

Please refer to the Prof. Kano's personal page.

For International Students

To be updated.



”Data Mining” (spring semester, 2015)
”Databases”(spring semester, 2015)
”Information System Development Seminar” (spring semester, 2015)
”Information Resource” (spring semester, 2015)

”Web System Design Seminar”(fall semester, 2015)
”Entrepreneurship” (fall semester, 2015)


”Web System Design Seminar”(fall semester, 2014)
”Information Resource” (fall semester, 2014)
”Entrepreneurship” (fall semester, 2014)
”Intelligent Systems Engineering” (fall semester, 2014)